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The Norhiem Kinship is a group of people who have chosen to leave the known, and build a new city and destiny in the wilds of Elyria.

Their hopes and ambitions may be as simple as throwing off the yoke of hard landowners, seeking to create a new flock for your god, stepping out from the shadow of your master or family, or fleeing an unspeakable past to turn over a new leaf.

It may be to build a strong base for adventure, exploration and raids to further build lands and power. It may be to create a trade and cultural centre unhindered by established norms that influences Elyrian society far and wide. It is the will of the Kinship.

From this....

To this?

When Chronicles of Elyria launches…..

The Kinship will meet and make a pact to ally to achieve their goal.

Explorers and rangers will head into the wilds alone, or in small groups, to find the ideal lands upon which Norhiem will be built. Others will work in the cities or closer to known civilisation to support those who risk their lives, and to build the wealth and skills needed to establish a frontier settlement.

When the place is found, they will travel together and stake a claim to part of Elyria.

At first Norhiem will be frontier and rough settlement with initial resources devoted to the inglorious necessities of guarding, clearing farmland, hunting, and earthworks to support the burgeoning township. Much later…..a sprawling port city, a walled castle, a cosy village, even a city state in its own right!....…it is all at the will of the Kinship.

After 10 years story arc will we have the cultural and economic centre of the north such as an Copenhagen in the days of old?

The society of Norhiem

Generally goodly people, often of 'Norse' background, will leave to establish this place…normal people with normal flaws. They may not all be law abiding, they may not be angels, and some may do bad things. But on the whole they are creating something to grow and this does not necessarily attract the darkest of folk (openly at least). Laws…will be written in game.

Norhiem will probably be (game allowing) set in an environment similar to North western Europe, northern US or New Zealand. Cold challenging winters, warm productive summers, and diverse geography near mountains, forests, arable land and hopefully near navigable river or sea. This should offer opportunity for all.

What will we do?

First and foremost we will build a place for ourselves. Within that overarching theme some may decide to form raiding parties and seek to bring back loot, some may form adventuring parties to seek resources or relics, or crafting groups to develop a trade base in Norhiem. The opportunities are the same as elsewhere except that in any given life-spark you have a say in the direction village, town or city as it develops, and may even take over leadership

I also see it as an opportunity to have your character or alt character undertaking some of the more mundane aspects of normal life while in Offline-PC status, but through that actually building your dynasty a place of importance within a community through hard graft as well as excising adventure. This is a slightly riskier alternative to being based in established cities or an established guild hierarchy/dynasty that will not change

How it works (in game)

At first, the Kinship is based on collective decision making. This will continue until such time as it decides itself that a hierarchy or other organisation is required to operate effectively.

Until then, major decisions are made by majority rule at Kinsmeet. The Kinsmeet may also delegate authority over certain decisions to people of particular capability and/or trust to avoid constant meetings.

For example, the most capable guard on arrival may be asked to organise the militia and defences and then all decisions relating to that are then hers.

Northeim will be established in an area distant from the regular influence of major cities, but close enough to sustain trade, and potentially call on help if required. This may require a royal warrant if all lands are ‘ruled’ at game start.

How it works (out of game)

This is a medium to heavy Roleplay town/community building group. 

A website will be operated with event organising to allow people to work together on all manner of things such as large pre-winter game hunting, harvest, adventures/quests, raids/defence, barn raising, caravans to the nearest cities, fetes and parties and, of course, Kinsmeets.

This will also note certain skills and capabilities that are needed to allow people starting new characters to train. For example if we are short a stonemason we will post as such. But may also (in game) try and contract one from a city nearby to fill the role and train a local (or stay!).

The website will also contain a large ‘in-character’ section and there will be regular “24-hour Kinsmeets” held on the forums to allow people in all timezones to have their say even if unable to make in-game meets.

We already have, as a group, come up with some principles about how we will begin this game and these are:

  • Roleplay centric
  • Town building focus at the beginning
  • Equality between characters and players
  • Norse culture but open to all
  • A hidden town at the beginning
  • Leaving most planning for the characters (in game)
  • Leaving alliance making till in game
  • Characters can join other guilds but not right at the beginning
  • A cap of about 50 people at launch, then grow in game
  • Above all - friends and fun and accepting of all good hearted people no matter what their background, lifestyle or sexual identity

Stories within stories

A few of the founders of Norhiem will weave a story that will unfold over the years and adapt to the emerging Lore of Elyria.

These stories will add flavour to the world we live in and will be largely implemented through the forums in terms of rumours, quests, challenges and news. Some of these stories will provide great opportunities or challenges to the Kinship.

We hope to engage the Developers in this if the opportunity arises.

(note: these founders have no special benefits in game and the stories they weave will be situational to the region and not focused on them)

Joining the Kinship

Individuals or families that will be constructive and genuinely take part in good faith and fun, may join. Even if you plot to ultimately take over as not-so-benevolent dictator…you will need to work with everyone for a while first no doubt your takeover aspirations would create some fun roleplay!

Guilds are welcome to establish chapterhouses or outposts in Norhiem provided their interests align, and the Kinsmeet allows it. And Kin who are part of those Guilds still get to vote in their favour!

Starting out. Before live we'll come up with a loose plan that will be adaptable to the landscape we find/are allocated through tiers. It may be something like the below, but we need to develop it together.

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