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happy to have found this
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Joined: 13th Jan 2017
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13th Jan 2017

Months ago I created a posted about doing the exact same thing im seeing here, almost down to the same exact name (my name choice was Nordheim) I am very interested to work with you guys and im excited to get this city started
Joined: 12th May 2016
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13th Jan 2017

Apologies if things don't move quickly. Most of us have sort of gone to hibernation until we get closer to something playable. The eve of ElyriaMUD will probably be the first wave back.

Anyway; Welcome!

Vote Neidhardt for Town Mayor! You know... when we eventually have a town. It's never too early to start campaigning.

Joined: 22nd May 2016
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16th Jan 2017

As ThatRasputin said, welcome and come closer we'll see more activity

Be nice to know how the area King/Barons etc are dealing with our start location. A lot are asking on the facebook page who is pledged to what Kingdom.

Well I'm pledged here
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My name is not my own, it is borrowed from my ancestors, I must return it unstained.

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21st Jan 2017

I'm still here. Sleeping until release.

Dokdar Ullfrson the Green
Gothi to the Northern Gods
Ellri to the Æin

Joined: 13th Jun 2016
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22nd Jan 2017

Hello! In the same boat here, just waiting for more material to come to light. Until then... back... to.. slee- Zzzzzzzzzzz
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