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Joined: 6th May 2016
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10th May 2016

For those of you who don't scout the forums constantly, check this link out. It shines a bit of light on our wilderness concept and gives you a good perspective of how large the world really is.

https://chroniclesofelyri ... f-Elyria-Info-Packed
Joined: 27th Apr 2016
Rank: Moderator
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10th May 2016

Yep. We should be fine! I mean robin hood lived in Sherwood forest for AGES undiscovered. And sherwoods tiny!
Joined: 4th May 2016
Rank: Moderator
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10th May 2016

I've never had any concern about the map being too small for what we want to do. It's been said over and over how big it is and that'll it'll take around 48 hours to cross from one side to the other (I'm assuming that's without anything g delaying you, such as mobs), which is why I think that even if we do decide to not pay taxes it'll be a lot of hassle for whoever we are supposed to pay them to to come collect if it's not a massive sum.
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