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What skills should every Kin have?
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Joined: 10th Jun 2016
Rank: Kin
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5th Jul 2016

While I don't mind posting on the main forums, my main goal is to help our Kin, and I have seen nothing but wonderful feedback from you all.  To that end, I would like to discuss with you all the skills that CoE will have and how we might plan the growth of our characters and community.
First: How to gain skills;
Skill Name           Skill %                    (% of Population)
1.       Novice                  0-29%                    100%
2.       Apprentice         30-39%                 70%
3.       Journeyman       40-49%                 60%
4.       Expert                   50-59%                 50%
5.       Artisan                  60-69%                 40%
6.       Renowned          70-79%                 30%
7.       Master                 80-89%                 20%
8.       Grandmaster     90-99%                 10%
9.       Legendary           100%                     1%
According to SBS, they expect it to take an entire lifetime to become a Master in a skill, multiple lifetimes to become a Grandmaster and several to become Legendary.
So how do you start gaining skill?  Well first of all, by just reading books it's possible to raise a skill all the way to Apprentice (30-39%). Observation works this way as well, but again you cannot learn past Apprentice. Observation can actually be done by watching Offline Player Characters (OPC), but the OPC must be sufficiently skilled and the Scholar skill is important to teach.
Then comes practice, which is where you use practice tools to move up to Journeyman (40-49%) SBS notes that practicing does not use up resources, like other games. Nice.  So what that means is with little more than reading, watching and practice you can get your skills almost to Expert level.
So while this is purely an educated guess as to what skills one might want in this game, I have been known in my gaming groups throughout the years as a Min/Maxer.  I love playing the jack of all trades, and would like to offer my humble opinion as to what skills will be valuable to your characters. And, since the information about this game has been scattered throughout the development journals and forums, I am very much interested in your opinion, my Kin.
Second: Skills Everybody should have;
As you can see, it should be fairly easy to get any skill up to Apprentice, if not Journeyman.  So these skills are skills that every person should have.
Combat: I don't care what your character's theme is, they should have some skill in combat. Even if you are a scribe, you should be able to wield a dagger if not brawling or grappling. This game is full PvP and any Kin worth his Norheim heritage should be able to defend themselves. Imagine the look of surprise when the cutpurse accosts your scribe or fish monger in the alley, and it turns out they whip out a dagger and slice his scruffy neck. 
Forgery: This is a game of contracts, and we must assume that your skill in Forgery also is your skill to detect Forgeries. If you are planning on running a business in CoE, you better be able to make sure your contracts are real, even the simplest ones.
Scribing: If you have to detect fake contracts, you're also gonna want to be able to scribe the most basic ones.
Disguise: You have to know who you are dealing with. We live in a modern world where everyone has a driver's license. Well CoE will rely on our sight and ability to recognize someone. Having at least a minor skill in this would be a good idea.
Scholarship: While that's a fancy name for teaching, whether you are a farmer, a blacksmith, a soldier or a scribe, it's just a good idea to be able to pass on your knowledge to other Kin.  Also, I read a post where you will actually gain skill when you teach others that skill.
Survival: Locating food and water is just a trick that anyone should be able to do in a medieval world like CoE. Unless you cloister yourself in a convent, you will at some point be outside the city walls and being able to find some food and water is a basic skill.
Gathering: Again, you're gonna go outside those walls once and a while…learn to pick up a few things as you walk along. If you want to find rocks and minerals, that's ambitious of you. But heck, from what I read there is even gonna be a market for flowers, weeds and berries.
Healing: Being able to bandage and tend to minor wounds is a no-brainer.
Navigating: While we're not sure completely how this will work in game, if you're wandering about, you sure don’t wanna just get lost in the wilderness like Hansel and Gretel. At least learn how to use bread crumbs. Remember, navigating is not drawing maps, its being able to move around the world.
Crafting: While it may seem silly to mention, I cannot think of a good reason for someone not to have at least one craft. Heck you may be Captain of the Guard and a veteran of a dozen battles.  Your skill in arms and armor are near legendary, but in your off time would it not be a good idea to also be skilled in Animal Husbandry and breed some of the finest war animals out there? And don’t forget, we will all get old, and that's when your time as a crafter and a teacher will shine.
So what do you think my Kin?  Are there some other skills you think are essential for every person and play style?  I'd love to hear your opinions.

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Joined: 12th May 2016
Rank: Kin
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6th Jul 2016

I think it's a decent list, but a few could be pared. Gathering: Don't wanna gather? Don't. Don't want to craft at all? Don't. And I'm not sold on disguise.

Other than that slight disagreement, it's a good list if you ask me.

Vote Neidhardt for Town Mayor! You know... when we eventually have a town. It's never too early to start campaigning.

Joined: 10th Jun 2016
Rank: Kin
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6th Jul 2016

QuoteI think it's a decent list, but a few could be pared. Gathering: Don't wanna gather? Don't. Don't want to craft at all? Don't. And I'm not sold on disguise.

Other than that slight disagreement, it's a good list if you ask me.

I agree...there are some people who play different, and I honor your opinion.  And if you never want to craft or gather...I can respect that. 


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Joined: 12th May 2016
Rank: Kin
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6th Jul 2016

I really am hoping that the "resist" form of different skills such as forgery and disguise aren't all just having the skill as well. Otherwise, yeah, those will all have to be trained just so you don't get taken advantage of. Have they said somewhere that that will be how it goes?

I myself will be gathering and crafting. I don't want to worry about disguising myself or making forgeries, but I hope I can spot those if they come my way by some other means.

Vote Neidhardt for Town Mayor! You know... when we eventually have a town. It's never too early to start campaigning.

Joined: 14th May 2016
Rank: Kin
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7th Jul 2016

I would like my primary contribution to the Kin to be exploring, gathering raw materials from plants & animals, along with some cartography & being a guide.

I figure I will train a wide variety of survival skills when performing those tasks.
They haven't really fleshed out what the survival skills are on the wiki yet.. I imagine things like navigation, first aid, perception, stealth, tracking.

For combat, I'll mostly use bows, both for protection and for hunting/gathering.
I might practice with knives too so I have something for melee, especially if some forms of gathering (skinning, cutting plants) use (and train) the skill.
The wiki mentions defending and tactics. Knowing how to defend myself would be good, although I figure I'll have to purposely train it since I don't see my normal jobs involving the skill. Same with tactics.

For gathering, I'll gather raw materials from animals and plants. I'll probably do some training as a lumberjack since we'll need a lot of lumber early on or in the scenario where I come across a rare tree far from home I can gather wood from it. I won't want to be carrying heavy lumber on long trips so I think I'll mostly stick to smaller plants, for use in food or alchemy.

The only crafting I'll spend a great deal of time on is cartography since it goes hand in hand with exploring.
I'll hopefully be able to trade the raw materials I gather for any finished goods I need. I will still probably learn the basics of the other crafts so if I am away from town for an extended period I can make basic things for myself. Killing a deer and then starving to death due to a lack of cooking knowledge would be kind of awkward.
Last Edit: 7th Jul 2016 by Ylzuk
Joined: 16th May 2016
Rank: Kin
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7th Jul 2016

This is just a guess, but I think there has been some talk eluding to skills overlapping into other skills. I think they mention somewhere something like a skill in one weapon will likely carry over a great deal into a skill in another weapon... i.e. a backhand slash with a dagger would be very much like a backhand slash with a 1H sword, so leveling up one would go a long way toward leveling up the other.

I'm hoping other skills overlap in the same sense. For instance, carving a deer should give you some insight into how much pressure is needed to push your dagger through flesh. Killing anything in general should give you some insight into what are vital organs, which should carry over into killing other creatures (including humans... let's assume everyone knows where your heart is). Along the same lines, some skill in healing/bandaging... that should give people insight into what types and what location of wounds do what sort of damage and how severe it is. Such as deep cut along the neck or inner thigh will cause a lot more damage (blood-wise) than a cut to the arm or outer thigh.

As usual, i'm rambling...

My point is, I'm hoping that people can become moderately proficient in many things with very little effort due to cross leveling. Ylzuk spends all day shooting arrows into deer and getting leather/meat from them. Ylzuk should begin to understand from where the deer have been shot what organs are quick death, what organs are slow death, what organs are no death. That should also apply to people after just a bit of trial and error of "where are these same things on a person?". That should, in turn, also carry over to daggers to a degree... put the pointy end there and lots of blood comes out! Yaaaayyyy! Maybe Ylzuk won't know a lot of combat moves without training in daggers, but he should be able to do pretty good damage with his limited dagger skills. Even just picking up a dagger for the first time, it shouldn't take long to (or maybe instantly) be an Apprentice level. Same for swords / any cutting weapon. Blunt damage would be carried over to some degree, but not as much since cutting a deer and clubbing a deer are very different.

In general, i think most people will be Novice to Apprentice in most things as long as they basically just try it out. But if people don't want to try something... meh... up to them.

I plan to explore initially, then set up a home once we find a suitable place. I'll continue to explore while also learning blacksmithing (probably with a weapons or armor focus) and training my weapon skills. As I get older, I'll do less exploring and more smithing along with possibly some merc work and / or caravan guarding (possibly with some of my own smithed goods as part of the caravan). And then finally I'll retire to my forge, teaching via apprentice(s) or writing books on smithing to pass on.

As part of exploring, I'll need to learn the basics for cooking, gathering, skinning, healing, survival in general. And of course along with that I'll want to learn some cartography, scribing, etc.

I'll learn weapon skills with both bow and melee weapons for survival while exploring, defending myself and others, and for PvP.

I'm typically pretty good when it comes to tactics, so I'll learn that if it's a separate skill whether I actually use it in game very often or not. Either way, I'd like to be prepared in case I need to plan an attack or defense, which I enjoy doing.

Disguises and whatnot... For this character, I think i'll pass. Though I may have a second character that is a bit more... sneaky.
Joined: 12th May 2016
Rank: Kin
Likes 78
7th Jul 2016

I hope just learning scribing will help me spot forgeries without having to train my forgeries skill. I might do some basic reading on forgeries to get a bit of skill if it helps, but that's the extent I'd like to go with that. So I really do hope there is this overlap.

Vote Neidhardt for Town Mayor! You know... when we eventually have a town. It's never too early to start campaigning.

Joined: 9th May 2016
Rank: Kin
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1st Nov 2016

First Post since I ghosted how many months ago!!!
After the initial post where Kin Woden kindly included the skill tiers, the only thing discussed was which skills people would focus on!
To shift some light onto how we can divvy up the skill load out of the Kinship I will make a little post about my skills and to what extent I hope to train them.

As a woodsman I hope to be at least a renowned archer, perhaps reach master level if I like the mechanics of it that much - if I find I enjoy melee combat mechanics more I may put some skill into that.

I also hope to be an expert gatherer of lumber and the useful parts of animals. Master survivalist, I had thought about cartography, but I'd rather escort a cartographer than be one, so I may develop my skill to journeyman, but I won't focus too heavily on it.

I had kind of hoped to put some skill into bow making and various woodworking for eventual ship construction, but I think I have put that aside because, and here is the important part, in a community such as ours, it makes much more sense to specialize in a few skills and rely on others for their special skills than to spread ourselves too thin. Better to have a master gatherer and master crafter than two guys who are experts at gathering and crafting.

Yes everyone should have some combat ability, but if I want a bow made, I'm sure it would be more effective for me to gather for a bowyer and have them make it than try to gather and make the bow myself, same for armor, same even for contracts, I'll go through a local scribe. As for a warrior also learning husbandry, if we want to be competitive and be able to hold our own against those who mean to do us harm, I think society will have to subsidize our full time warriors so they can train full time and not have to have a secondary job, now if they want to that is their prerogative of course, but I think being a full time warrior should be kind of like an honor.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that not everyone in the Kinship is in exposition, so those of us who are will be the teachers when everyone else arrives (hopefully we have a village set up by then).
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