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Which server?
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Joined: 27th Apr 2016
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5th May 2016

Our members are split between Australia and NA, and China I think?

The advice is that they would launch both an NA sever and a Australia/pacific server. 

My personal view is that, even though i live in Australia we should set up on the NA server. 

I say this for two reasons:
1) I am worried that with these games numbers are good at the outset, and then drop off a bit to a stable core.  Given Australias population local servers have become a bit ghost-townish for other MMOs after a year or so and have been closed.  If this happened we may keep our sparks of life, but cant see how the town and all the lore would be transferred.  SO to keep this place going for ages and see it grow (which is my hope) i think going to a more populous server may be better. 

2) I understand there may be some minor lag issues, but as a largely RP and PVE guild, NOrhiem will be less effected than a hardcore PvP player. If I do die in combat from the odd bit of lag....It's not REAL permadeath, I just  lose a few days of life from this current character.  SO for me the trade-off is that i can wear a bit of lag for a long term security of the Kin
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Last Edit: 5th May 2016 by dorn
Joined: 4th May 2016
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6th May 2016

id prefer the na servers for the more population the ping wont bother me unless its really bad
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Joined: 1st May 2016
Rank: Moderator
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6th May 2016

When they announce the available servers we can discuss a little, create a poll and go with the majority
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Joined: 5th May 2016
Rank: Kin
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6th May 2016

That sounds like a great idea. I'm all for the NA server (not biased at all, LOL). But I do think having a poll in which server we choose as a group would be best.

The one thing I do agree with, is what Dorn said with the slowing down of the server over time. NA servers are always busy (from my experience with other MMOs), so I believe that with all of that, it'll be in the best interest to go somewhere that will be very populated.
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Joined: 13th May 2016
Rank: Kin
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13th May 2016

I like the idea of a poll for when the official servers come out. I'm alright with any but of course NA is most convenient.

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Joined: 17th May 2016
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18th May 2016

I think NA is a good choice for servers.

In the future I will be moving the Philippines...but I doubt having a server in Australia will make much of a difference either way.
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Joined: 10th May 2016
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18th May 2016

Out of curiosity, have they mentioned how groups like ours will be able to all be on the same server?

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Joined: 12th May 2016
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18th May 2016

You'll have to choose the same server. It appears it will just be 1 server for each location. 1 NA, 1 EU, 1 OCEA, etc unless they end up with so many players that they need to increase the number. They'll get a more clear view of that as we get closer to launch and they get a better idea of subscriber numbers.

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Joined: 17th May 2016
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18th May 2016

Yep...we will make sure we all are playing on whatever server we choose. I have several friends I'm getting over here hopefully our settlement will thrive. We are all mature and fun gamers haha.
Joined: 22nd May 2016
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22nd May 2016

Sounds like a solid plan to me. Another reason I chose to join you all

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