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Kickstarter funding goal achieved!
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Joined: 12th May 2016
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14th May 2016


We did it! Chronicles of Elyria is 100% Funded!

You did it! With your help... all of you, we managed to reach our funding goal! We're super excited by what this means. It means our efforts up to this point were not in vain. It means our vision for Elyria is shared by over 7,000 other players and we're headed in the right direction.

You've voted for this game through your support, and we won't let you down. We will continue to drive development forward with the seed funding you're providing and will not stop until the game meets our high standard of quality.

We recognize that in a world of funding fatigue, failed Kickstarter projects, and startup indy studios attempting the impossible, you've taken a risk in supporting us. It means the world to us - to me, that we have your support and your trust. As we navigate the murky waters of business, development, distribution, etc. we will do everything in our power to maintain our transparency and uphold our honesty policy. Because that's the kind of company we are, and that's how we'd want to be treated in your shoes.

The game would not be possible without your support, and we won't forget that. You've made our, my, dream a reality. In just a few short weeks after the Kickstarter ends we'll receive the pledges you've provided to us. Then it'll be our turn to bring your dream of a dynamic, immersive world to life. And we can't wait to write our stories right along side yours.

As we look past the $900k, there's still plenty of cool features that can be added, and plenty of opportunities to go above and beyond the $900k. A project of this size unquestionably comes with risks and uncertainty, and while we've done our best to account for those, they are by nature, unexpected. So while we've met our minimum goal, we look to you now to help us go above and beyond, so we can bring you the best experience possible.

We will post our stretch goals tomorrow, however, in all the excitement and anticipation we've gone and stayed up until 3am and it's time for sleep. :-)

Thank you again for your continued support. Now that we've proven there's passion in this project, let's show the world how high we can really go in the next 20 days.

With much love and gratitude,
Jeromy Walsh

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14th May 2016

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14th May 2016

I can't wait for stretch goals!!

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22nd May 2016

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