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The Wyrd of the Kin (what we're all about)
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18th May 2016

I hope you got the gist of what we're doing from the home page. But with our numbers growing, and some good conversation under our belt, we thought it best to make sure our recruitment post clearer about what we are and what we expect of ‘Kin’.
It is divided into what you and I (the players) need to know about both before joining and how manage our little project over the next 12 months and beyond, and the 'law' of Norhiem that our characters will swear to.

For players to know (out of character):

  • Roleplay centric
  • Town building focus at the beginning
  • Equality between characters and players
  • Norse culture but open to all
  • A hidden town at the beginning
  • Leaving most planning for the characters (in game)
  • Leaving alliances till in game
  • Characters can join other guilds but not right at the beginning
  • A cap of about 50 people at launch, then grow in game
  • Above all - friends and fun

Detail - so we're not confused:
Roleplay centric – our characters will behave as real Elyrians would. This roleplay will extend to adventuring, crafting, community events, drinking and of course fighting and does not mean flowery speeches and brushing each others hair.

Remote town/community build focus, but enabling anything – we are building a norse style town from near scratch well away from the major kingdoms and their wars. Building, defending and growing this town will need all of exploring, defence, crafting.  Kin will be your providers you’re your customers including traders taking things to the outside world.   But many of us will also travel and adventure alone or in groups and having trusted Kin to go with you is key to us. 

Special note: We are still learning about the land allocation system. With a few counts and several barons we will continue to discuss how we deploy land right up until exposition. But there will be one town called Norhiem which will be all of our main homes even if (ultimately) there are surrounding hamlets and strongholds owned by Kin.

Equality outside and in game – we are not a top down group. We decide and discuss things collectively (including the stuff that is in this list!!). So as long as we stay within these general principles, you have as much a say as any do.  This goes for OOC planning, and the in game situations. At the outset we are all equal.

‘Norse’ culture, but inclusive – the core of our Kinship is a Norse culture (or what equates to it in the Elyria).  This does not mean viking which is only the raiding element of a much broader culture.   While based on Norse, Norhiem is formed by a collection of people putting word out to others about heading out from the major cities and starting anew. Many who are not norse may come and listen and ultimately decide to go with them for their own reasons. So all are invited, but know what to expect.

A hidden town (to start) – we will attempt to remain under the radar for the first stages (months?) of the game while we make Norhiem strong and defensible. This means to begin with we wont be out there selling maps and inviting others to the town. INevitably it wil become known and then Norhiem will join the economy/society.

Leaving as much as we can for the game – we will plan things like mythology, background and families and also generally where we want to be.  But we will not be planning exact social structures, economies, militia/army structure and so on before the game is launched/exposition. That is for In Game Kinsmeets and half the fun of starting anew.  

OOC friendships but IG alliances – we will not make alliances until our characters can walk out of Norhiem and find these groups to discuss terms, then bring them back to talk with the Kin. We think this is a great RP opportunity.  We will, however, maintain OOC friendships with people and other guilds that would add to everyone’s fun. These will generally be other RP focussed guilds.

Being a member of another guild – in the very beginning we want people to be Norhiem centric. But it wont take long before our village is stable and craftsmen, merchants or warriors may seek connections to other guilds. Once we reach that point we wholeheartedly support characters becoming part of another guild provided they keep Norhiems secrets. But not at launch.

Size cap and NA server – we are looking to limit our numbers at about ~50-60 at launch day. This means that it will be an enjoyable challenge to build a village.  We will grow from there through in game ‘recruitment’ and families etc.  We will be on the North American server to ensure a long term player base.

Above all - friends and fun -  we are RPers, but not simulationists to the point of draining all fun.  We can have friction, but we'll be nice always and respectful. This is a computer game so we'll treat it that way and just be friends

For our characters to know (in character):

Kin before all – we have chosen to start anew in a place we call our own. Only the Kin will help you and yours survive and prosper. Before all others you will aid them, warn them and protect them as they will for you. You have chosen this.

Norhiem is made safe – we must keep our families and our bloodlines safe and so we will make Norhiem strong before we open it's gates, and will speak of it only to the trusted in our journeys. You have chosen this.

Our strength is our will – the word of the Kinsmeet is our will. Our will is final. You have chosen this.
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Forum » Public Forums » Kinship Philosophy
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