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My (as of yet unnamed) Religion
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1st Jun 2016

First let me say, this is a rough draft. I haven't gone back through and edited anything or even re-read it. If there is anything glaringly stupid or grammatically horrid, I apologize and you are welcome to point it out so that I can fix it. I'll come back and clean things up later, but for now I just want to get it posted. I'll also think of something to call the religion later. I'm open to suggestions.

I'm not sure if there is a character limit in posts... if there is, I'll have to break this up. MS Word says it's 15,547 characters, so yeah... get comfy if you're going to read it all at once.

Without further ado... 
Joined: 16th May 2016
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1st Jun 2016

Since before the beginning of time there have been 4 Gods: 2 Gods and 2 Goddesses. They have always been. They will always be. They each control a Power, unique and separate from one another.

The God Mytros controls the power to create and shape matter. He is often associated with the colors blue and grey. He is seen as the God of Creating.

The Goddess Saerres controls the power to give life. She is often associated with the colors green and brown. She is seen as the Goddess of Life.

The God Iben controls the power to instill consciousness or a “soul”. He is often associated with the colors red and gold. He is seen as the God of Wisdom.

The Goddess Ivarri controls the power to destroy. She is often associated with the colors black and purple. She is seen as the Goddess of Death.

At the beginning of time, there was only blackness. Within the void of time and space, the Gods grew restless and bored. Mytros decided to use his powers of creation to fill the void.

Mytros toiled, creating the sun and stars so that he would have light to work. Then he created the world and set about creating new things in the world. He created the oceans and sky, mountains and valleys, hills and rocks, sand and soil.

Mytros was very proud of what he had created and he showed the other Gods. Saerres was delighted and asked Mytros to create more things so that she could imbue them with life. Iben was pleased, but reserved. He felt that, though what Mytros had created was beautiful, there was nothing worthy of consciousness. Ivarri agreed that what Mytros had created was fantastic, but she began to feel jealousy as she could only destroy and never create.

Saerres and Mytros worked together, creating many things. As Mytros created and sculpted the matter he created, Saerres would breathe life into it. However, they had many failure. They found that many things were unable to hold the life that Saerres imbued them with. They would live briefly, then life would leave them to become an empty shell. The failed creations began to build up, and they quickly realized that they needed to have them destroyed. They gathered up their failed creations and brought them to Ivarri, asking her to help by destroying the failures.

Ivarri had grown more jealous as Saerres and Mytros as they worked to create, so when they brought her their failures, she was secretly delighted. She was pleased that they failed, so she agreed that they could bring their failures to her to be destroyed.

Mytros and Saerres continued to have many failures, Ivarri continued to be delighted in their failures, and Iben continued to watch silently.

Finally, Mytros and Saerres were successful. Mytros created a great white tree, as tall as a mountain, and Saerres gave it life, and life stayed within the tree.

They were filled with joy and pride. They brought Iben and Ivarri to show them what they had created. Iben was delighted and congratulated them on their achievement. Ivarri was silent, her jealousy growing as she looked upon the beautiful tree. Her heart began to darken as jealousy rooted deep inside her. She hated her brothers and sister. She wanted to destroy them and be alone in the blackness! But the Gods couldn’t use their powers against each other. They could only be used on their creations.

Saerres and Mytros created many more plants, getting better and better and able to create them smaller and smaller each time. Over time, they created all of the plants in our world, down to the grass under our feet. They added colors and shapes, and perfected the creation of plants and giving them life. Iben watched closely and encouraged them, but still he felt there was nothing worthy of being granted consciousness. Ivarri grew more distant. Her heart growing darker and darker as the other Gods needed her less and less as they got better at creating.

Finally, Mytros and Saerres had filled the world with beauty. They felt they had created many things worthy of consciousness, and begged Iben to use his power. Iben listened, but he did not agree. Instead, he asked the other Gods of Creation to make something new. To create things that could move and think and experience the world that they had created. If they agreed to do this, he agreed to grant souls to these creations.

The 3 Gods with powers of Creation worked in unison. Mytros shaped, Saerres breathed life, and Iben formed a soul within each new creation. But just as they had experienced with their previous attempts at creating something new, many of their attempts failed. Initially many were unable to even sustain life. Then many more were unable to contain a soul. All of the failures were brought to Ivarri, whose jealousy had begun to turn to hatred for her brothers and sister. She destroyed their failed creations as they wished, pleased with their failures as the black hatred burned in her heart.

The cycle continued for an eternity. Then finally, the Gods of Creation were successful. They created a creature that was able to sustain life and contain a soul. But the creature was grossly misshapen and hideous to behold. They agreed that, while it was a great accomplishment, it should be destroyed. It was not a creation worthy of a soul. They brought the creature to Ivarri and tried to tell her of their accomplishment, but she refused to speak with them any longer. So the Gods of Creation left the creature and returned to their work, worried with what was happening with Ivarri.

Ivarri wasn’t aware that the creature contained a soul. She left it for a time, not caring to do anything for her siblings. Eventually, out of boredom, she moved to destroy the thing. As she approached, she heard it whimpering in fear. Ivarri was shocked. She reached out to touch the creature’s mind. It was terrified. It knew it had been brought here to be destroyed, and it was terrified. It had a soul.

Ivarri was enraged. They had done it. It was only a matter of time before they were successful in creating things they loved.

Full of black hatred, Ivarri moved to destroy the creature… but she stopped. She had an idea. She reached into the creature’s mind again and spoke to it. She told the creature how the other Gods wouldn’t keep such a pitiful creature. How they wanted it destroyed because it wasn’t good enough for them. It wasn’t perfect. Then Ivarri began to soothe the creature, telling it how the other Gods were wrong and that it shouldn’t be destroyed. It should live.

As Ivarri spoke with the creature, she began to fill it with her hatred for her siblings. The blackness in her own heart and soul was like an infection, spreading through the creature’s own heart and soul and filling it with hatred for its creators.  After filling the creature with hatred and rage, Ivarri did one last thing. She granted the creature a tiny piece of her Power to destroy, then hid the creature away where her brothers and sisters wouldn’t find it.

The Gods of Creation continued their work. They had many more failures, which were sent to Ivarri to be destroyed. But Ivarri had other plans. With each creature, she did the same as she had done with the first, filling them all with dark hatred and malice toward the other Gods and all of their “perfect” creations. Ivarri gave them a name. She called them Daemon. She was building an army.

Amid all of their failures, the Gods of Creation also had successes. As with plants, they found it was easier to work with very large creations and learn from them to create smaller ones. Among their first creations were whales, ursaphants, and ostriches. Then they were able to create sharks, trison, and condors. They continued to create smaller and smaller creatures until they finally felt they had created a great range of animal types. But they weren’t satisfied. They wanted more.

Mytros, Saerres, and Iben spoke at great length before deciding to create 2 more creatures in their own image. It would be a long and difficult process, but they felt they could do it. They would create one male and one female… their children, Mann and Asha.

Ivarri waited and watched. She prepared her army, waiting for her siblings to finish their ultimate achievement. Her heart and soul filled with jealousy and hatred. She wanted to destroy everything her brothers and sister had achieved in front of their eyes, and then she wanted her army… her Daemon… to destroy the Gods themselves! She couldn’t use her power against them, but her Daemon army could.

The Gods of Creation finished their task and placed Mann and Asha, sleeping, beneath Saerres and Mytros first living creation, the great white tree. Their hearts will filled with joy. They had done it. Mann and Asha were beautiful and perfect. They were everything the Gods had wanted their children to be. As they waited for their children to awaken so that they could speak to them, Ivarri and her Daemon attacked.

Thousands upon thousands of Daemon attacked The Gods of Creation. The Gods were at first confused. They didn’t understand what was happening. Tiny pieces of the Gods were being stripped away and destroyed by these creatures. Where had they come from? How were they able to hurt the Gods themselves? Then Ivarri spoke to them, taunting them, laughing at them. For the first time, they saw the corruption and hatred in her as she told them how she was going to destroy everything they had created, and how her Daemon… their own failed creations… would destroy the Gods themselves.

The Gods of Creation were helpless. They didn’t have the power to destroy, only create. They couldn’t stop the Daemon. They couldn’t stop Ivarri. Mytros did the only thing he could think of to do. He created a great barrier between them. It wouldn’t stop Ivarri and her Daemon, but it would give the Gods of Creation time to think.

Ivarri knew she had won. She laughed at her siblings’ feeble attempts to stop her. She would finally have her revenge. Ivarri sent some of her Daemon to the world to begin destroying it while she and the rest of her army worked on breaking through Mytros’s barrier. She wanted her brothers and sister to see their precious Mann and Asha destroyed as soon as they were through the barrier.

In a short time, Ivarri and her Daemon had broken through Mytros’s barrier. They poured through the breach in a flood. Dark joy filled Ivarri, but what she found on the other side was completely unexpected.

Just as Ivarri had pulled tiny pieces of her Power from herself and imbued it into the Daemon, the Gods of Creation were imbuing something with their Powers. More than that, they were channeling their very essence into something. But no… they weren’t channeling their essence. The object was literally pulling their essences into itself. A sudden panic gripped Ivarri as she realized the object was pulling the essence from more than just her siblings. It was pulling the essence from everything near, including the Daemon. Including Ivarri.

She realized what was happening too late. Mytros hadn’t created just a barrier. He had created an enclosure completely surrounding them. And now surrounding Ivarri and the Daemon as well. She turned to flee, but it was too late. Mytros used some of his remaining essence to again close the breach Ivarri had created. With most of her power having been given to the Daemon, she didn’t retain enough power to break through the barrier quickly enough to escape or to destroy this object that was pulling her apart. Ivarri, the Daemon, and the Gods of Creation were being pulled… being stripped of everything they were… by this object.

The Gods of Creation reached out to Ivarri’s mind and told her what was happening. They had created this object… this well… to strip them of their powers…. to strip them of their very being. To house, for all time, the powers of Creation and Destruction, and imbue everything that is and everything that will be with these powers. In this, all living things will have a cycle of life and death. All things will be able to create new life as well as destroy life. Lifeless matter will remain lifeless. Living things will be able to produce more living things. All things with a soul will be able to create more things with souls. All will come from the Well of Souls. All will return to the Well of Souls. Gods and Daemon will be no more.

Ivarri screamed at them with an eternity of hatred, rage, and sorrow. Her brothers and sister tried to comfort her, apologizing for not including her, for not noticing what was happening to her… for failing her. Ivarri pushed them away, and then she remembered…. Suddenly Ivarri’s screams of anger turned to laughter. She remembered the Daemon she had left behind to begin destroying everything that had been created. As the last of Ivarri, Mytros, Iben, and Saerres were pulled into the Well of Souls, Ivarri’s dark laughter echoed into the silence of eternity. She had not been defeated. Her Daemon could still succeed.

Mann and Asha awoke some time later to a strange new world, full of beauty and wonder. Together they explored the world. In time, they created children. All animals created children. Later their children created children. Plants bore seeds and created new life of their own. All matter, life, and souls come from and return to the Well of Souls in time. All matter, life, and souls will return to the world in time. It is and endless cycle of life and death.

The Daemon left in the world were inadvertently given the same gifts as all of the Creations of the Gods. However, these gifts manifest a little differently within Daemon. This is due to having been directly given a piece of Ivarri’s power of destruction. Daemon are tougher, live much longer, and though it is possible for them to reproduce, they seldom if ever do. Ivarri’s hatred of creation was passed to them along with her power, and it is very rare for Daemon to have a desire create new life. They continue to desire the destruction of everything.

It is believed that, along with the power of destruction/death, Ivarri inadvertently gave something else to the Well of Souls. It is believed that, in the beginning, all things were pure and good. But when Ivarri and most of the Daemon were pulled into the Well, the corruption inside them also infected the Well. Every time new life is brought into the world, it carries some degree of corruption with it. Sometimes it manifests more strongly, sometimes less strongly, but it is believed that all the evil done in the world is from this corruption.

Additionally, sometimes the Powers of the Gods manifest differently and more strongly in certain individuals. On very rare occasions, a child born into the world carries with them an innate Power. These powers are referred to as Magic, and typically named by the God the Magic is related to. It may be the ability to speak with animals or control living things, the Gift of Iben (the God of Wisdom). It may be the ability to create matter from nothing or change the form of existing matter, the Gift of Mytros (the God of Creating). It may be the ability to heal wounds or resurrect, the Gift of Saerres (the Goddess of Healing). It may be the ability to destroy or control the dead… the Gift of Ivarri (the Goddess of Death). It may be something completely different, or a combination of Gifts. It is believed that it is possible that someday, all of a single Power may manifest itself in a single person… the rebirth of a God. It is believed that this will happen for all Powers/Gods at the same time, and that when this happens, Ivarri will destroy all things. There is a second theory that all Powers will manifest within one person, creating a single God that will judge all things and decide whether they are worthy of existence.
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