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25th May 2016

This is fantastic. Just something I'm curious about personally. Does a knowledge domain fit under any of the gods? Or something like that?

Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning.

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3rd Jun 2016

So here as Daemon, the counter-character to Mann. For weaving into histories/religion.

https://chroniclesofelyri ... -the-gods?post=78621
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28th Sep 2016

from a couple updates ago

As with last week, I'm unable to reveal much of what we've been working on lately, however, I can tell you we continue to work on defining more details of the different Tribes of Mann. While I can't say much now, I can say that the first one we've been working on we call the Joru Tribe, pronounced Yor-oo. Members of the tribe are referred to as Joran (Yor-uhn).

If you sense a bit of a Nordic flare to the name, you're not wrong. As the design currently stands, the Joru are a northern tribe, accustomed to the harsh winters of the Tundra and Taiga.

Rumor has it, even the Bearded King Thandrus may have some Joru blood in him.

Well, that's all I can say for now. More details on the Joru and the other Tribes of Mann as we get enough locked in we feel comfortable sharing it with you.

One final note, someone in IRC earlier asked where we draw our inspiration for the Tribes of Mann. We responded with a combination of things including:

The adaptations of animals/creatures within a biome
Real-world people and cultures for a biome

Look for those in equal measure within most of the Tribes.

With this in mind that they are thinking of dividing mann into different tribes, when the info is released about all the tribes of mann will we put it into our religion/history or go with what we got so far?
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1st Nov 2016

If there is a tribe of Mann that closely matches what we are going for (read Joru Tribe) it is not a big leap to say that we a relative of theirs who split off neh? There wouldn't have to be many changes in our religion/history.
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