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History/Story/Legends Idea
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Joined: 14th Jan 2014
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25th May 2016

This is raw story. It definitely needs work done upon it and plot holes filled, but I reckon it'd be possible to mold it into becoming a somewhat definitive history of Norhiem


Stornheim, a legendary long-lost underground mega-city of unheard wealth, unified strength and unique culture far north of Elyria. The times before its' founding are lost in myth, with most tales telling the banishment to living under rock and mountain for heresy and sin against the greater god (and may mann bless his name) Yaos The Divine. Our forefathers, pure of Norhiem blood, would accept their punishment and  carved their way into stone and bedrock towards the creation of Stornheim for generations, stockpiling the wealth that the mountain blessed them with. Carvings and legends tell of massive gilded statues of Yaos holding the stone ceiling on his shoulders as if to keep the sky from falling, surrounded by gold and gems, or the homes of hundreds of thousands, or by great market cities, or massive training grounds, Colosseum and other entertainment, bureaucratic buildings and temples. Stability and peace reigned over Stornheim and the Norhiem people, with a mighty well-armed military only there to sort petty squabbles and as peacekeepers. All of this was run by a King, a direct bloodline of the leader of the Norhiem people when Stornheim was founded. He was not treated with massive prestige but with great respect, and was for the most part a piece of tradition more than politics. Politicians, four parties of sixteen (one party to represent each "district", which would be split into four "townships" would control the policies, resources and projects of Stornheim. The fifth district was a massive temple filled with gold, gems and other riches, acting almost like a vault.

It is well known that a port was even made, in an underground sea in the farthest reaches of the first district of Stornheim, where the vessel that those who escaped Stornheim at its' collapse would be.


As generations went by and Stornheim grew religions began to form, the most powerful of them being those who followed Yaos the Divine, whom was the creator of the world, the power of justice and his followers would beg for his forgiveness and thank him for his mercy. Others would follow petty gods, such as Etris, whom of which was a goddess of Perpetuality, which controlled the concepts of stability and life, Udur the god of the Mountains, which blessed them with wealth and good prospects, and even "true" heretics whom would follow the daemon Fis'ar, the god of chaos and progress, who once unchained from the pillar of justice inwhich Yaos placed him he would save the Norhiem people from their underground prison and destroy Yaos. These were the most popular beings, and it is known there are dozens of petty gods and daemons. The existence of these beings is unknown, with sightings in ballads and tales today.
Yaos stayed the most powerful and those found following Fis'ar would often be lynched or publicly shamed, sometimes even forced to fight in the colosseum for the King himself.

The fall of Stornheim and the escape of Stornheim.

Five centuries ago Stornheim began to rumble, with more heretics beginning to follow Fis'ar in the shadows, politicians becoming more corrupt and unwilling to co-operate and general civil unrest. The mountains that once brought great wealth to the people of Stornheim seemed to stop, and so did the relatively luxurious lifestyle of almost a million people. People were being given less, forced upon rations, were starving and becoming desperate. It is said the followers of Fis'ar would recruit when the city was quiet and move towards their goals of chaos. This unrest lasted fifty years, with hundreds of strikes, riots, and atrocities in the process, most of which caused by the massive wealth kept by the royals in the hidden fifth district, until the downfall of Stornheim almost 370 years ago. In the third district, massive explosions destroyed the great statues of Yaos, causing the ground to crumble. Death and destruction plunged the city into a pillaging and looting spree, everyone scrambling to steal, hide yet with nowhere to escape. Destruction caused more pillars to fall, the first district was left disconnected and  broken. By the underground ocean, another pillar crumbled under the weight, and those seaside would watch the sky fall upon the waters. Thousands would die under it, but thousands would see "liberation" and for the first time in three millennia mannkind of Norhiem felt the sun on their pale skin, and saw the sky high above them. For the next year the pieces of the district that was left was salvaged, and the Norhiem people felt their only way to continue was to leave. 1,242 would take to the sea in the crudely repaired ships, only 138 norhiem people would make it to the continents of Elyria, where they would roam and scavenge, holding on to tatters of their Stornheim way of life, be it golden Stornheim pendants, tiny gem relics or the tomes of their religions, they were of Norhiem. Eventually, Norhiem would found a settlement in the mountains of Elyria, to one day become as mighty as Stornheim and perhaps find their way back to the riches of their homeland.
Yaos the Divine and the Fis'ar Heresy:
Yaos the Divine is the god of Truth, Justice, Certainty, Mann, Sin and Integrity. He watched over the world and its' creation, and saved it from certain destruction due to the powers of chaos with his mighty spear. He has a massive palace in the spectral realm, larger than even Stornheim, where hundreds of petty gods feast with him at his throne, and bring him offerings. Fis'ar the Betrayer was once simply the Fis'ar, the god of Progress, controlling the passage of time and the changes that came with it. He grew jealous of Yaos's might and worked a number of (now destroyed) petty gods which would pledge to one another to overthrow the Divine. They would cut their hand and their holy blood would mix in a goblet gilded with rose gold, which each would take a sip of the blood to absorb one anothers' powers. Fis'ar would drink last, and out of greed took every remaining drop. The effects of the mixing of holy powers was unexpected, and what was originally the sign of a blood pact would cause the gods and Yaos to become Daemons, Fis'ar becoming the strongest of them all and becoming the daemon of chaos and disorder. The daemons would convert or murder holy spectres in their realm (and apparently trick mannkind into supporting him) gathering a force to charge Yaos' palace. The battle would last five decades, and the palace would be almost destroyed along with the material realm with it. Fis'ars' chest would be left impaled with Yaos' might spear of justice, hung upon the wall of the palace, his daemonic blood running from where his heart once was. The remaining petty gods would be left with the task of chaining him high upon the marble pillar of justice, and his sinful blood would forever flow from his wound upon the realm of mann. Perhaps mannkind was to be protected from their fate and given
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Joined: 6th May 2016
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25th May 2016

Awesome work man, I can see you've put a lot of thought and effort into it.

What I really like;
  • Stronheim/Stromheim. Love the history and lore you've written up in regards to our origin. Not sure if the name is coincidental or a adaption to the Lore found in Dorn's family or on the Google Document. Absolutely love love love the port and boat mythos. Really resonates with a lot of our characters (those of us planning on playing them hardcore Viking fellas of course).
  • The four parties and corresponding districts. This is lovely, I think it's a wonderful part of your story - and also potentially something we can implement in-game. If for no other reason than for 'owing tribute' or something similar to our ancestors/origins. Love it.

Now, will you be creating this as an alternative religion or with hopes in merging it with the current one we're working on here? If the former, awesome. A bit of competition haha - also some choice for other players, and a bit of drama for when the game launches. If the latter, then I'd gladly welcome you to the team! Some of this would work very well with ours, such as the origin (we haven't delved super deep into it yet). Some parts we'd need to discuss and compromise.

Nonetheless, this is awesome work  can't wait to see more.

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Dokdar Ullfrson the Green
Gothi to the Northern Gods
Ellri to the Æin

Last Edit: 25th May 2016 by Dokdar
Joined: 14th Jan 2014
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25th May 2016

Welp, religion would be great to merge. I'd like the concept of seemingly two teams (justice or holiness and daemonism and chaos) to exist, if only as a rivalry between beliefs. I havent written or thought of anything that would happen before "banishment" on the Stornheim continent/island. Perhaps the legends of the other lore(s) of Norhiem could fix that. Merging gods, legendary beasts etc would be good if they don't conflict too much and I'll happily work on other parts.

Also districts work like families or crests. Although Norhiem is all one "Family" each district holds its' own pride. I'd feel that most people would come from the port district-the first district-as that is the majority group at the port before they were cut off from the rest of the first district, and therefore the other 3 districts. However, groups visiting from the other districts would obviously exist, for example soldiers would be more commonly related to district four, regalty and religion to district three, wealth/trading and specialists to district two and basic specializations (mining, smithing, etc) to the majority of district one.

If Norhiem could get this story somewhat set in stone and be able to contact the devs of the game, we could potentially set up one of the first few world events in the game- Finding the long lost island of Stornheim and raiding it's fifth district of riches without dying to the corrupt beings of chaos that lurk in it's depths....or whatever happened to Stromheim. Who knows?
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Last Edit: 25th May 2016 by Darklight249
Joined: 14th Jan 2014
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27th May 2016

More stuff!

Notable Gods/Daemons and their descriptions.

Yaos the divine. Tall, slightly tan skin, brooding, muscular, beard similar to that of zeus however short hair. Wields his godspear in one hand and a scale in the other. God of truth, justice, mann, sin and integrity. Lives in the not-destroyed remains of Highnerheim, palace of the gods, in the spectral realm. Wears a blue cloak with a gold chain and a large gold thing with his symbol on it to fasten it around his neck,a loincloth and a gold-trimmed fur shoulder guard on his left shoulder, strapped around his body, steel wrist guard things, and sandals. Cannot leave Highnerheim without the potential collapse of all realms. Very latin description, I wish I could make him more norse.

Fis’ar the Betrayer, daemon of chaos and change. Slightly shorter than Yaos, thinner, pale red skin, athletic body build, hair hidden by the crown of daemonheim, with a stone of heresy cracked in the middle. Horns of a Ram on the sides of head.Wields two daggers, one straight blade and the other a longer curved blade. Wears a fur chestplate with rose gold chainmail on his front, his back for the most part is open other than straps for the chestplate/chainmail, showing burns (and the hole through his chest) fur boots and hardened leather pants+kneepads things. Also has a massive hole in his chest where he was stabbed, and black burns where chains once were. Resides on his throne in Daemonheim after escaping during the Fall of Stornheim/Stornheim Heresy, somewhere in the realm of mann, perhaps in the ruins of Stromheim (even in the holy fifth district!) Weakened and cannot leave Daemonheim in any form.

Etris, god of perpetuity and consistency, pale skin, long white hair, white dress-toga thing, barefoot, green metallic norse ring-thing (idek what they’re called) around her head in the shape of leaves. Glowing white eyes. Has no weapon, prefers magical powers, or best of all not fighting. Lives in Highnerheim.

Udur, god of mountains, wealth and prospect. Short, muscular, massive beard (think WoW Dwarves) stereotypical viking helmet. Wears leather boots, leather pants, straps over shoulders for pants. Armed with a pickaxe. Lives in Highnerheim with Yaos.

Einheim, god of unity, trust and goodwill.Takes the form of an extremely average elyrian, with neatly cut hair and a constant clean shave.Wears a tunic and leather pants, fur greaves. Has a longsword by his side, and a steel shield with his crest/symbol embossed in gold. Despite his normal looks, he’s extremely strong and easily able to convince/argue/calm people with simple words. For all we know he is in the realm of mann, or with Yaos in Highnerheim, is allegedly able to leave Highnerheim at will. Brother of Beucheim the Trickster.

Beucheim the Trickster, daemoness of deceit and lust.Takes the form of a huge spider or darkwisp as well as a tall female.When humanoid, wears a snakeskin tunic/dress/toga thing, sandals.Long black hair, brown-red eyes, dark brown skin. Is able to seduce and trick most of mannkind, including women. Armed with an extending baton, of all things. Sister of Einheim. Like her brother, can leave Daemonheim at will.

Jarl’ar the Warrior, daemon of war and unrest.Tall, constantly wears a daemon helm (think Spartan helmet with horns out the side and no feather-thingy). Dark red skin, glowing red eyes. Practically a minotaur in appearance, wears a red chain tunic and blood red greaves. Armed with two blood-stained battle axes. Asleep in Daemonheim, awoken only at the call of conflict, guarded by two slightly smaller minotaur warrior guy-things, wearing daemon helms, steel chestplates and shoulderguards, gray long loincloths, one armed with a two-hand mace the other a warhammer.
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