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Norhiems traditions
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Joined: 27th Apr 2016
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11th May 2016

Most of our characters will have their own history and traditions, some linked and some separate.  But I'd like to make sure 'life' is as important in Norhiem as crafting/exploring and fighting. 

The below are the types of things I'd like to see become part of Norhiems traditions. These are not seeking approval or are firm proposals as i hope they form in game, but just thought starters about who we can make the place a rich experience. MY character will like any reason to head to Alisyahs tavern and get belted while laughing and singing badly. 

- Make a big deal about PC weddings and children born - maybe some type of presenting them to the Kinship and feast? The hunters catch the prime meat for it and so on. 

- Have a feast for each seasons turning - maybe different styling depending on the season coming

- Have several ceremonies - maybe with sacrifices or offerings (or even and hallucinogens), maybe feats of strength and battle, maybe swimming in the frozen river to show we are not afraid of the cold-spirits etc

- Be genuinely engaged in loremasters and bards and skalds performances...particularly in winter! And our fine craftsmans skills (ok we're not havaing an art show, but we can think of something. 

- Rites of passage for Kin coming of age (15?)

All these are perhaps connected to the Kinsmeets. 
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Joined: 5th May 2016
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11th May 2016

I think our characters should be very aware that in order for them to thrive they will need new faces, so I definitely agree that celebrations for births should be a big thing but also once we're established celebrations/ceremonies to welcome new blood into the village could even be a bigger celebration, as I'm sure no one wants in-breeding! In my mind weddings would be less of a celebration though, unless having children before marriage is frowned upon in our community.

Also, maybe instead of the standard reaching a certain age celebration we could do something along the lines of "first impressive feat" to celebrate coming of age. Things such as first commissioned item sold for crafters, first solo kill for hunters and so on. The more impressive the feat the bigger the celebration. It could be fun having people trying to out-do other people of a similar profession!

As for changing of the seasons, definitely (just not every day!). Particularly if we're positioned somewhere where the winters are harsher. We can make offerings to the gods for a good growing season then celebrate the end of the harvest, then more offerings for kind winters.

Strength of body and mind demonstrations sound good too, as do tournaments to show off battle skills. And most importantly, the bare-fist brawling that will be going on in my tavern. That can finish off all good celebrations and the winner gets bragging rights until the next event!
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Joined: 5th May 2016
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11th May 2016

I think that'd be awesome, I do sort of wish that the seasons were more than a day long, though. A year is 4 days, and that just seems crazy to me that if I miss a day or two of playing, or god forbid be gone a week on vacation, that my character would be a few years older when I return, lol. It's just so crazy, haha.
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Joined: 5th May 2016
Rank: Moderator
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11th May 2016

Don't get me wrong, Rythja, I'd love for it all to just happen naturally in game too. But people are keen to get discussing and as these suggestions are just that and can give players ideas of things their characters might want to celebrate and start up as traditions in their new village I'd much prefer to discuss these than a fixed plan for the economy and so on =)
Joined: 27th Apr 2016
Rank: Moderator
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11th May 2016

Just a quick note, as i said in the OP i wasn't seeing approval for these to become part of Norhiem. But just to have it out there for people to think about and make sure we were'nt totally build/fight/trade/explore focus.

I agree they should be formed in game...but we may be able to form some a bit faster if we have some discussions first.

Remember that Norhiem will probably be a mix of:
- anyone in elyria wanting to escape the normal grind and start out on their own who happened to hear about these people heading out and linked theselves in
- people of norse-ish descent who lived in the region and banded together by hearing about others heading off
- a few connected norse-ish families who agreed to do this

So it would even be fun if there were a mix of traditions that individuals bring to the Kinship which are either combined or adopted.
Joined: 22nd May 2016
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22nd May 2016

I'm fine with any tradition that invokes naked dancing and ends with drinking

My name is not my own, it is borrowed from my ancestors, I must return it unstained.

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