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18th Jul 2016
Kin Zacharias
14th Jun 2016
Kin Injustice
13th Jun 2016
Kin Thoren Björnsson
10th Jun 2016
Kin Woden
Well we're met and well you're come! We are always glad to have experienced players around! Now join our forums discussions, give your opinions and get to know your new kin! We'll waiting for you on discord!
10th Jun 2016
Kin Anyankah LeFaye
10th Jun 2016
Kin Cormon Crow
6th Jun 2016
Kin Brodis
26th May 2016
Kin Beeturtle
All hail the queen bee! Hahah welcome!!! Glad you are joining us!!! I hope you come to get as excited and in love with this idea as Alyce and us!
24th May 2016
Kin Milica
24th May 2016
Kin Hellowo
23rd May 2016
Kin Vigrid
22nd May 2016
Kin Shealladh
22nd May 2016
Kin Padraig
Welcome to the Kinship! Your eyes will be very welcome as we explore our new lands in search of resources and threats!
Join our discord so we can get to know you better. Now that you are a Kin member you can also have access to the closed forums. Lots going on in there. May Asta bless you on your t
22nd May 2016
Kin Kalryn
22nd May 2016
Kin Samurai Spirit
Welcome to Norhiem. I hope you find in here a family to second your own young adventurer! May Svorkat guide your hands!
21st May 2016
Kin Alandriel
Welcome, welcome and welcome! We're glad to take you into the Kinship. Please join our discord channel so you can get to know our members and we can get to know you. Also, now that you are Kin you have access to our most exciting posts on the forum so look around and get involved! There is still muc
19th May 2016
Kin Rhuvian Vastitas
I am very honored to accept you into our Kinship. Please take some time to read through out threads in the Kin forums (closed for members) and join the discord. I liked the concept of your character and they way you described how you play and what you are looking for in a group. I think you will fit
18th May 2016
Kin majoria
18th May 2016
Kin Baldrith
16th May 2016
Kin Gabriel Blackthorn
On behalf of your new family, I say well we're met and well you're come!
May this be the start of a new life for Gabriel and may he find within the Kinship a driving goal to spend his abilities on.
And may the axe of Vaegal open new ways for you and yours
14th May 2016
Kin Ylzuk
Welcome to the Kinship, Ylzuk son of the wilderness!
14th May 2016
Kin NedeljskiH60
13th May 2016
Kin Alyce
Welcome Welcome!
13th May 2016
Kin Zi Lancaster
Welcome Zi Gattonius Reginald Whepper Sorchester Zion Tipperski Lancaster Hailing (breathes), first of his name, prince of thieves and dweller of secret lairs! We look forward in getting to you your better and hearing your thoughts on our community in the forums!

May your treasure stay with you ti
13th May 2016
Kin Ragnor
It's an honor and relief to know we will count with the such a fierce warrior!! Welcome to our campfire!!!!
13th May 2016
Kin Ras
I'm glad to officially welcome to the Kinship! We are glad you're here!
12th May 2016
Kin Anausa
Because he/she wants to join us in our quest for power
11th May 2016
Kin Arbor
We are well met! Your character will fit in nicely. The runes had for seen your coming. We were expecting you shaman. Welcome to the Kinship
10th May 2016
Kin Oribios
10th May 2016
Kin PWNath
10th May 2016
Kin Vorrt
10th May 2016
Kin Artisan Locke
A good fit for the Kinship
9th May 2016
Kin Valupeh
Had a quick chat and he's keen to do what we want to and how we want
6th May 2016
Kin Harry4Eva
Our caravans and borders will be safer with your addition to the Kinship! May Thor's hammer guide your will!

Welcome welcome!!!
6th May 2016
Kin Sirius
I think Sirius will make a fine Kin.
6th May 2016
Kin Telos Parallax
Welcome to the Kinship! We are glad to have you by our side to face the challenges before us!!
6th May 2016
Kin Dokdar
The Kinship accepts you with open arms! We're counting and putting our trust on you! Welcome Crafter!
5th May 2016
Kin Thor Odinson
Our homes are open for you and yours as well!
Welcome to the Kinship!
5th May 2016
Kin Skyeforge
It seems we have our first healer/herbalist!!! Let's all give him warm welcomes!
5th May 2016
Kin Ollös
Welcome champion! We rest our safety in your hands!
5th May 2016
Alisyah and Dorn cooked up the concept so she was a member before there was something ot be a member of!!!
4th May 2016
Kin Vashette Duskraven
Sounds like a good match:)
4th May 2016
Kin Emrys92
Fits the guild
3rd May 2016
Kin PavoFair
3rd May 2016
Kin DeLumenta
Very good! Welcome to the Kinship!
2nd May 2016
He's me
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